Freedom Brands Launch Birch Tree Water Go Birch

Freedom brands launch birch tree water go birch | Article

Highland Spring has secured a listing in Asda for Go Birch, Freedom Brands’ birch tree water, the natural beverage set to follow the example set by coconut water. Rolling out in Asda stores nationwide this January, the listing is the latest news off the back of the distribution partnership between Freedom Brands and Highland Spring Group (HSG).

A low calorie plant based beverage, like coconut water - birch water is recognised for its naturally occurring antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins. For centuries Northern Europeans have consumed the sap or birch water produced and stored by Birch trees and the drink has already been experiencing increased recognition in the US market and across Europe.

Go Birch water is sustainably sourced once a year from the Baltic Forests and carefully harvested. Go Birch is the first birch tree water to be packed in a multi serve Tetra format which preserves the natural water and nutrients. RRP of £3.49 per litre.

Simon Oldham, Commercial Director of Highland Spring comments:
“Consumers are becoming increasing aware of healthy hydration and the choices they need to make throughout the day. While bottled water has become part and parcel of daily life, Go Birch is set to follow the example of coconut water – providing an alternative source of natural hydration.”

Ross Currie, Managing Director of Freedom Brands, comments:
“As more and more consumers are seeking plant based waters, Go Birch with its captivating background story is set to become a popular choice of natural hydration. Part of our distribution partnership with Highland Spring, this major new listing in the retail sector will help to make our products more accessible to even more consumers.”

Go Birch is sourced from the Baltics and the origin and century-long tradition will appeal to consumers increasingly looking for plant based products with verified claims and background information.

While the total soft drinks market is in decline, the plain water market shows double digit growth in latest 4wks (+10.2%) and latest 12 wks (+8.6%) and MAT grew by 10.6%.