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Our core purpose is providing healthy hydration in an environmentally sustainable way. Here are some of our environmental commitments.

Infographic - Packing Weight


We are committed to minimising our environmental impact through a range of initiatives which include using recycled glass, rPET and lightweighting. Thanks to these initiatives, we have achieveed a packaging weight reduction of 13.9% for PET bottles since 2005.

  • All our bottles are 100% recyclable
  • Our PET bottles are blown on site, reducing additional road miles
  • Our Highland Spring sparkling green glass bottles contain at least 80% recycled glass

Energy efficiency

We have a Continuous Improvement Programme in place which is designed to help us deliver the same high quality products using fewer resources, minimising our environmental impact.

  • In 2008 we installed an 'Air Recovery System' which reduced annual energy usage by 1.25m Kilowatts.
  • We work with the Carbon Trust to keep abreast of any developments which could help us be more energy efficient.
  • We have installed movement sensitive lighting in many of our buildings to ensure we only use energy for lighting when it is needed.
Infographic - Annual Energy

Distribution and transport

  • During the early part of 2006 and as a result of our continuous improvement scheme we identified that adding an extra layer to our pallets would improve vehicle utilisation – equating to 274 less truck movements over the year.
  • We have started shipping some of our larger orders by rail and are investigating the possibility of installing a rail siding to allow direct loading of trains at the bottling site.
  • We have increased our use of rail freight in recent years and have been successful in transferring 4,000 lorries to rail resulting in a saving of 1m tonnes of CO2.
  • 95% of our sales are in the UK, helping to minimise transportation and saving road miles.

Water use

Our water use ratio of 1.3 is industry leading and our entire business is built on sustainable business practices.

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